Health Care – Duluth 10/02/2018

"My name’s Keith Ellison, and I believe that no one should have to choose between going to the grocery store and going to the doctor. While medical and prescription drug bills continue to rise for Minnesota families, my opponent supports efforts by the Trump administration to overturn the Affordable Care Act and coverage for pre-existing conditions. I’m running for Attorney General with a promise to take on the pharmaceutical industry to lower the cost of your healthcare, because our families deserve a tested champion. My name’s Keith Ellison, and I approve this message."

Hate Group – 10/14/2018

Ad Transcription:


“Who is Doug Wardlow? Republican for Attorney General. Counsel for an Arizona-based special interest organization deemed a ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Doug Wardlow’s group has been involved with 23 lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act; sued to undermine public schools; and fought to defend harassment at women’s clinics.

“Keith Ellison is running for Attorney General to be the People’s Lawyer. To protect health care and preexisting condition coverage. To take on corporate interests and defend equality for all.”


“My name is Keith Ellison, and I approve this message.”

Hate Group – 10/30/2018

Ad Transcription:


“Republican Doug Wardlow, the wrong choice for Minnesota attorney general.”

“Legal counsel for a hate group. Doug Wardlow’s group fought to allow for the harassment of women and discrimination against gays and lesbians. If elected he’d use the Attorney General office to advance his radical right-wing agenda.”


“We’ll take this office back. We’re are going to fire 42 Democratic attorneys off the bat, and get Republican attorneys in there.”


“Doug Wardlow: Dangerous. Partisan. Extreme.”


“My name’s Keith Ellison, I approve this message.”