Workers Stand with Ellison to Oppose Wardlow’s Anti-Worker Agenda

Ellison has proposed a “Working Family Protection Plan” to make Minnesota’s economy more fair for working people, not just those at the top

Doug Wardlow has championed an agenda which would hand more power to big corporations over hardworking Minnesota families

MINNESOTA – Minnesota workers stood with Keith Ellison today to stress the need to elect an Attorney General who will defend workers’ rights, not hand more power to corporate special interests. During his single term in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Wardlow championed so-called “right to work” laws which undermine the power of workers in favor of corporate special interests, making it harder for workers to band together for better wages and working conditions, resulting in lower incomes for families. For his opposition to policies which would help working families, Wardlow earned a rare zero percent rating from the Minnesota AFL-CIO.

“Most Minnesotans do not have an attorney in their family budgets, but the big corporations do,” said Congressman Ellison. “While my opponent wants to serve the Trump Administration and advance corporate interests, I will enforce the law to put power back in the hands of Minnesota workers, to improve family budgets and reduce health care costs for all Minnesotans.”

As Attorney General, Wardlow has promised to continue to side with big corporations over Minnesota families – he has criticized efforts to hold corporations accountable for pollution, and wouldn’t hold opioid manufacturers accountable for their role in the current opioid crisis. Wardlow has promised to use the Attorney General’s office to “defend President Trump’s agenda in the courts.”

During more than a decade in Congress, Ellison has been a champion for the rights of workers. As Attorney General, Ellison will enforce his “Working Family Protection Plan” to defend the rights of Minnesota workers and improve family budgets as Attorney General. Congressman Ellison’s plan would put workers’ rights ahead of corporate special interests; make health care more affordable and accessible for all families; and enforce the law to hold companies accountable when they don’t pay workers what they owe for the work they’ve done, or violate workplace safety standards.