Doug Wardlow Must Answer Whether He Violated Judicial Ethics Standards by Authoring Extreme, Far-Right Blog

Reports that Wardlow broke nonpartisan judicial ethics standards must be answered, especially in light of his plans for a 'partisan purge' of the AG's office

The blog Wardlow allegedly authored details extreme far-right views on reproductive rights, the death penalty for children, and voting rights

MINNESOTA – Today, a news report detailed the extensive evidence suggesting Republican Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow authored an extreme, far-right blog in violation of judicial ethics standards during his time as a clerk for the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Such a flagrant disregard for neutrality under the law would be extremely concerning for the state's top attorney, especially given Wardlow's pledge for a partisan purge in the office, and his longstanding history of discrimination.

The following is a statement from Sam Fettig, Communications Director for Keith Ellison for Attorney General.

"Doug Wardlow has refused to tell Minnesotans his true plans for the Attorney General's Office, and now refuses to answer whether he violated judicial ethics standards by authoring a far-right blog while serving as nonpartisan staff to the Minnesota Supreme Court. The author of this blog advocates for allowing the death penalty for children, against a woman's right to choose, and against voting rights. Minnesotans must know if this is what Doug Wardlow truly believes."