Statement from Keith Ellison on President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

MINNESOTA – This evening, President Donald Trump announced his nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court. The following is a statement from Congressman Keith Ellison, candidate for Minnesota Attorney General:
“In recent weeks, the conservative-majority Supreme Court has undermined the rights of workers, women, and immigrants in our state and nation. With President Trump’s nomination of a far-right judicial activist hand-selected by extremist groups, the liberties of thousands of Minnesotans face even greater risk, including access to healthcare and reproductive rights. It has never been more important to defend democracy and justice at the state level. As Minnesota’s next Attorney General, I will protect the rights and freedoms of all Minnesotans, even when President Trump and his right-wing judicial appointees do not.”

About Keith Ellison for Attorney General
Keith is running to be the People's Lawyer, to hold those in power accountable and protect and defend all Minnesotans. To learn more about the campaign and get involved, visit

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