Make a Plan to Vote for Keith Ellison by November 6th!

As Attorney General, Keith will fight to reduce health care costs, taking on the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and defending the Affordable Care Act. He will also make Minnesota’s economy more fair, and defend equal rights and opportunities for all. Make a plan to vote for Keith Ellison by November 6th.

Register to Vote Online

Not registered to vote or unsure if you're registered? No problem! You can check your voter registration status and, if you need to, register online below.

Vote Early by Mail for Keith

You can vote early by mail for Keith from your living room! All you need to do is submit an application for an absentee ballot and one will be sent directly to your door – then fill it out and mail it back! Request a ballot below.

Vote Early in Person for Keith

You can vote early in person for Keith at your local elections office. Learn more below.

Vote for Keith on Election Day – November 6th

If you'd prefer to vote on Election Day on November 6th, you can look up your polling location below.

Register to Vote on Election Day

Minnesota has same day voter registration. That means you can register to vote at your polling location when you vote in person early or on Election Day! Learn more about same day voter registration below, so you can make sure your voice is counted.

Tell us Your Plan to Vote by November 6th

Now that you know what your options are, make a plan to vote for Keith Ellison by November 6th and share it with us. 

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