I'm beyond grateful. Five months ago, I started this campaign for Minnesota Attorney General with two simple ideas: we were going to help Minnesotans afford their lives, and we would defend equal rights to ensure all Minnesotans have the dignity and respect they deserve.

We believe that nobody is outside our circle of compassion. People with preexisting conditions are within our circle of compassion. Immigrants and refugees are within our circle of compassion. Family farmers are within our circle of compassion. Our LGBTQ friends and family are within our circle of compassion.

No matter what color you are, what your gender identity is, what your religion is, how much money you make, how old you may be, how healthy you are, who you love, where you live, or how you pray, know that as Minnesota Attorney General, I’ll always be on your side fighting for your rights every day. Because we believe everybody counts, and everybody matters.

I look forward to getting to work.

Thank you,

Keith Ellison

Keith is running to be the People's Lawyer to hold those in power accountable and protect and defend all Minnesotans.

You deserve an Attorney General who will never stop fighting for you and your family. Keith is that leader and this is your movement.

Join our campaign today to help us elect a proven champion for liberty and justice for all as your next Attorney General.

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